#201WRAP is your leading vehicle graphic experts all throughout Jacksonville and surrounding areas.

Custom Vehicle Wraps

#201WRAP has been part of revolutionizing the vinyl wrap game since 2008. We are the original Jacksonville vinyl wrap shop, offering professional and custom vinyl solutions for cars, trucks, boats, business vehicles, business storefronts, and personal projects for over a decade. We learned early on that vinyl films are the future of auto customization, paint protection, business branding, and more. We are wrappers with a mission and a passion for offering the highest standard vinyl solutions in the greater Jacksonville market.

Our shop locations in Jacksonville and St. Augustine deliver high-quality car wraps, floor wraps, wall wraps, and other specialty auto protection services, including window tint, photography, and videography. Our well-rounded skill set in the vinyl wrap industry allows us to deliver quality services to all types of clients, from exotic car racing professionals to local Florida business owners.

Why Choose Us?

The #201WRAP team is not only experienced, but committed to continually educating ourselves, our clients, and other wrap installers on the versatility of vinyl, as well as techniques that deliver the highest quality installs. To become a master of your craft you must continually develop, learn, train, and apply. We are masters of our craft and are taking vehicle wraps and auto customization to the next level. We say this not to brag, but because we love and believe in what we do. Vinyl films are transforming the auto industry and allowing people to style their cars with custom vehicle wraps, and brand their businesses in completely original ways.

Meet The Team

Here at #201WRAP we work with a wide range of projects and deliver more than just vehicle wraps. We offer several types of auto customization services and a variety of custom vinyl solutions for small and large businesses.

Ian Lutge

President, Co-owner
A man smiling with a #201WRAP hat, clear glasses and a black polo shirt.

Steve Lutge

CEO, Co-owner
A white man in a black 201Wrap t-shirt with a black 201Wrap hat and glasses.

Austin Smith

Founder, General Manager
A man smiling with #201WRAP logo shirt.
Jacksonville Location

Scott Record

Production Manager
A middle aged man with beard and black #201wrap collard shirt.

Ross Parrish

Sr Sales Associate
A blonde hair man wearing black glasses and black collard t-shirt.

Aaron Whit

Sales Associate, Operations
A smiling white man with black glasses in a dark grey nike pullover

Ryan Keane

Lead Designer
A man with black hair and a short dark beard.

Nicole Monroe

Asst Designer
A petite woman standing with her hand on her hip. She is smiling with medium length, sandy blonde hair - wearing a black tank top and grey jacket.

Peter Lardizabal

Lead Vehicle Wrap Installer
A man with short brown hair and a black collard shirt.

Zach Allison

Sr Vehicle Wrap Installer
headshot of a man with a black t-shirt, brown hair, brown mustache, and brown beard.

Andres Renteria

Certified Wrap Installer
Man with a black hair buzz cut with a mustache and beard wearing a dark grey, long sleeve pullover

Graham Hammond

Certified Wrap Installer
Man with black, grey hair, black glasses, a goatee, and wearing a dark grey jacket with a black shirt and bright yellow logo
St. Augustine Location

Derek Wheeler

Sales Associate, Operations

Travis Hawkins

Certified Sr Wrap Installer

Steve Consiglio

Vinyl Graphics/Wrap Installer

James Bowen

Certified Sr Wrap Installer

Our services include vehicle wraps, boat wraps, custom vinyl graphics, wall wraps, floor wraps, vehicle paint protection film, window tinting, powder coating, professional photography and videography.

We seek to offer local Florida car enthusiasts and businesses a unique experience with our comprehensive services. If you can dream it, we can achieve it.