Boat wrapping protects the gel coat of a boat’s surface against the sun, wind, water, and salt by covering a boat’s exterior with a vinyl film. Vinyl film is available in various colors and textures, so creating a fully custom design to transform a boat into whatever you envision is possible. With the ability to protect and give a boat a unique, custom look, boat wrapping is a fantastic option for many boat owners.

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Boat Wraps | Jacksonville FL

Welcome to the world of boat wrapping, where the artistry of design meets the science of protection. Imagine a transformative shield that not only safeguards your vessel against the relentless forces of nature but also sets it apart from the sea of sameness. With boat wrapping, you can cover your boat with vinyl film to hide its gel coat from exposure to the sun, the wear and tear of the wind and water, and even the damaging impact of salt.

To get started, there are various colors and textures to explore as you begin designing the vessel you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you own a speedboat, fishing boat, sailboat, or yacht, you can transform your boat into anything with boat wrapping. At 201WRAP, we are ready and excited to work with people who know exactly how they want their boat to look and people who need help figuring out where to start on the design. Whether you are ready for an entirely new look or want to ensure better protection for your boat, we want to work with you.

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Give Your Boat a New Look Without Spending a Fortune

Become one of the many satisfied customers who have had their boats looking new and personalized with our boat wrap services in Jacksonville, FL!

Having your boat wrapped by our professional wrappers can benefit your marine vessel by: 

  • Giving your boat a makeover at a fraction of the cost of a new paint job
  • Personalizing your boat and give it the style to stand out from the rest
  • Preventing the deterioration of your paint job by protecting it from the elements
  • Adding a layer of protection against debris that may scratch, dent, and ding your boat
  • Getting a higher resale value for your boat without the cost of a new paint job

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What is Boat Wrapping?

Boat wrapping involves covering your boat’s exterior with a vinyl film. It protects the gel coat of your boat’s surface against the sun, wind, water, and salt. You can get the vinyl film in various colors and textures and create a custom design, which makes it a great way of giving your boat a look that is truly the only one of its kind.

Before a wrap can be applied, your boat must first be cleaned thoroughly to remove hardware, accessories, dirt, grime, debris, wax, and polish that may prevent the film from sticking on its surface completely. And the surface where the film will be applied must be free of any scratches, dings, or any other damage for the wrap to look smooth and even on your boat, so you might need some repairs if your boat is not brand new.

Benefits of Boat Wrapping

Quick and Easy Makeover

Unlike painting your boat, boat wrapping only takes a few days from the start of the wrapping process to come to completion. It eliminate the hours upon hours of waiting for paint to dry, and it guarantees the perfect shade of color that you desire from the start. 

Fully Customizable Design

Aside from its color and finish, your vinyl wrap can include custom-designed graphics. Whether you are a business looking to gain additional exposure on and beside the water, or someone who just wants to stand out on the waters, using professionally-designed graphics in your boat wrap design in Jacksonville, FL will have heads turning. 

Protects the Gel Coat From UV Ray Exposure

The sun’s ultraviolet rays break down the pigments of your boat’s gel coat, which dulls its color and deteriorates the surface over time. Wrapping your boat help will block the sun from doing damage to your boat and prolong the life of its original paint job and surface.

Shields From Minor Physical Damage 

When wrapping your boat in vinyl film,  you gain an extra layer of protection on the outside surface. This helps prevents rocks, sand, and other debris from scratching the boat’s paint job, making you less likely to need expensive touch-ups or repairs.

Protects the Surface from Chemicals

Vinyl wraps resist most petroleum-based oils, solvents, mild acids, alkalis, and salts. These substances can sometimes contaminate waterways and bodies of water in Jacksonville. Having your boat wrapped can prevent chemical damage on its hull. 

Saves Money on the Maintenance

Replacing your boat wrapping in Jacksonville is much less expensive than fixing the surface of your boat. It typically only costs a third of a repaint or refit, so it is easier and more satisfying to your wallet getting a fresh look when the wrap gets damaged. Simple scratches and dents can even be repaired in minutes without the need to rewrap entire surfaces.  

Advertise your Business on the Water

If you are using your boat for commercial purposes, there is no better billboard to tell people what you do than your boat’s hull. Your business name and logo can be designed and printed onto the vinyl wrap and installed by our professionals at #201Wrap to help turn heads anywhere you go, on or off the water. Trying this unique form of advertising will allow you to stand out in the crowds and have fun while doing so.

Get a Higher Resale Value for your Boat

Looks matter a lot when it comes to reselling your boat. Even if your boat’s gel coat is free from scratches and dents, exposure to the elements can tarnish it and show the age of your water vessel. A wrap can maintain your hull’s new look and ensure potential buyers will pay top dollar when it’s time to sell.

Does Not Damage or Leave Any Residue 

Boat wraps can be easily removed, and it does not damage the paintwork or leave any residue on your boat. It’s so easy that some boat owners can do it by themselves without any problems. Of course, you can get the best results if you hire #201WRAP when you need any professional work involving boat vinyl wrap in Jacksonville, FL. 

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Our Boat Wrapping Services

We offer the following services for boat wrapping for customers in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas:

  • Personal Craft Wrap
  • Commercial Wrap
  • Paint Protection 
  • Ceramic Coating 
  • Large Format Printing
  • Fleet Wraps

So, if you are in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, St. Johns, or anywhere nearby in Florida and are thinking of having your boat wrapped, call us for a free estimate for wrapping your boat. 

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Why Choose Us?

At #201WRAP, we have a team experienced in designing, printing, applying, and removing wraps for our clients. And, with our commitment to our team’s continuous education and training, our customers can receive the highest quality installs for their vehicles, whether they need them for personal use or their business. Regarding our products, you can expect #201WRAP only to use the best, whether you need it for wrapping your vehicle or boat, walls or floor, or for tinting your windows.

We have been wrapping cars, trucks, trailers, boats, and other surfaces since 2008. Since then, we have improved our craft, learned new techniques, and honed them throughout the years. With #201WRAP, you get the best service and materials for your boat wrap designs in Jacksonville, FL. 

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Boat Wrap

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