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Don’t let traditional dent repair ruin the finish of your vehicle when there’s a perfectly great solution in paintless dent removal. With paintless dent removal, there’s no need to repaint it. You can have your vehicle back within the day, and save on having your car returned to its like-new condition. Contact us today to have your vehicle treated with paintless dent removal in St. Augustine, FL!
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Like-New Appearance

Paintless dent removal allows you to maintain the original paint and finish of your vehicl e.

Paint Correction

Your vehicle’s structural integrity remains intact as there are no drilled holes or body fillers used to restore its appearance.

Preservation of Your Vehicle’s Interior and Exterior

Paintless dent removal is more affordable than traditional dent repair since there’s no need to fill, drill, or paint your vehicle to restore its appearance.

Clean and Sanitized Interiors

The process for paintless dent repair only takes less than an hour. If you have a more difficult project for our team here at #201WRAP, the most it will take to finish the repairs is two days.

Enhanced Resale Value

Modern automotive paints are designed to withstand damage, making paintless dent removal the ideal choice to restore your vehicle without compromising its appearance.

Save Time and Effort

Maintaining the original factory paint through paintless dent removal allows you to sell your vehicle at a better price in the future.

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Car Detailing in Northeast Florida


Expert Team

Our team of paintless dent removal specialists delivers superior results and can handle a variety of dent types effectively.

Luxury Experience

You can expect an excellent result from our paintless dent removal in St. Augustine, FL. If you want to see the result of past repairs, feel free to contact us to request our portfolio.

High-Quality Car Detailing Materials

#201WRAP can work with your vehicle insurance provider in repairing your vehicle. There’s no need for you to spend your hard-earned money since it will be covered by your insurance policy.

Customized Care

We guarantee our dent repair services with warranty coverage for defects after we complete the repairs.

Give Your Vehicle the Pampering It Deserves with

#201WRAP’s Car Detailing Services

Revitalize your vehicle and say goodbye to dents with paintless dent repair in St. Augustine, FL! #201WRAP will bring back your vehicle to its like-new condition without having to repaint or fill any dents. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation for a fast, affordable, and seamless dent repair solution in Florida!

Frequently Asked Questions

A car wash cleans your vehicle of dirt, tar, salt, and other environmental debris on it. You or a professional can do it within 10 to 15 minutes. It is more affordable than car detailing and essential to maintaining the finish of your vehicle. On the other hand, car detailing gives your car a like-new appearance by deep cleaning and restoring your vehicle down to the smallest detail. It requires special supplies and equipment and takes around several hours up to a whole day to complete.

Basic detailing takes 2 to 6 hours to finish, while more comprehensive ones take 2 days at most to complete. Sedans and hatchbacks take 4 hours on average to detail while minivans and pickup trucks take 7 hours to complete.

You can get an estimate for how long it takes to detail your car by contacting us for a free consultation at this link.

Yes, you can. We offer the following packages to our clients for our car detailing services in Northeast Florida:
  • New car protection:This is for new vehicles. It involves decontaminating your vehicle’s interior with chemicals and includes paint enhancement or protection services.
  • Basic car detailing:A complete car wash with interior and exterior detailing for prominent areas of your vehicle.
  • Full interior detailing:A comprehensive detailing of your vehicle’s interior.
  • Full exterior detailing:A comprehensive detailing of your vehicle’s exterior, including roof, tire, and rims.
  • Comprehensive car detailing:A complete detailing of the interior and exterior of your vehicle.
  • Full car restoration:This includes comprehensive detailing of your whole vehicle and paint correction, window tinting, and polishing.
Yes, we do. We can come and detail your vehicle anywhere in Northeast Florida.

The cost depends on the size of your vehicle and the scope of detailing involved. Contact us by clicking this link to get a specific price for your car detailing.

Yes, we are licensed and insured for car detailing. Your vehicle is protected from damages that may arise from detailing it.
Yes, we can. We can detail all types of personal and commercial vehicles.

You can schedule a consultation for car detailing with #201WRAP by contacting one of the numbers below:
Jacksonville location – (904) 201-9727
St. Johns location – (904) 209-4724

Yes, we can provide you samples and references of our previous car detailing projects, including photos showing before and after our service.
Yes, we do. We make sure any products we use are safe for people and the environment, especially those used for detailing vehicle interiors.
Yes, our team here #201WRAP can detail classic cars and luxury vehicles. We regularly work on these types of vehicles and are comfortable handling such projects.

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