At #201WRAP, our highly skilled professionals have extensive expertise in designing, printing, applying, and removing wraps. With this unrivaled proficiency, we guarantee Jacksonville’s best car window tints. With our unwavering commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail, you can trust that your vehicle’s window tints will be well executed, surpassing your expectations.

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Premiere Car Window Tinting Solutions in Jacksonville FL

Whether or not you are a Florida resident, with scorching heat and unrelenting sunshine, tinting your car’s windows should be something you consider. Not only does window tinting shield against sweltering temperatures, but it also ensures the utmost privacy for your car’s interior, safeguarding it from prying eyes. The significance of selecting the right tint goes beyond mere comfort, as it plays a vital role in preserving the longevity of your vehicle’s interior components by effectively blocking the sun’s harmful infrared and UV rays.

At #201WRAP, our team of seasoned professionals understands the paramount importance of impeccable window tint installations. With our expertise, we seamlessly apply your chosen window tint, prioritizing functionality and aesthetics. Additionally, we are dedicated to assisting you in selecting the optimal window tint that perfectly aligns with your preferences and requirements.  Contact us today for a complimentary estimate for tinting your vehicle, ensuring you enjoy enhanced comfort, privacy, and interior preservation.

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Having your window tinted is essential to keep the heat out of your car and ensure your interior’s privacy from prying eyes. Plus, having the right tint can protect and prolong the lifespan of your interior components by shielding them from the sun’s infrared and UV rays.

Our team of professionals will install your chosen window tint seamlessly. We can even help you select the best window tint for your vehicle based on what you want.

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Window Tinting?

Enhance your vehicle’s privacy

Installing the right window tint can enhance the privacy of your vehicle by reducing the visible light passing through its windows. This makes it difficult for people outside to see your vehicle while you’re on the road or assess the contents of your car for a break-in.

Reduce the glare from headlights and streetlights

Window tints on your vehicle can reduce the glare from oncoming headlights and passing streetlights while driving. Reducing this glare improves safety while on the road and helps you avoid eye strain and fatigue while driving.

Make your car more comfortable

Window tints can reduce the heat entering your vehicle by blocking the infrared rays that cause it. This makes it easier for your air-conditioning to cool your vehicle when you start and maintain a comfortable temperature while driving under the sun.

Protect the passengers in your vehicle from UV rays

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage your skin and eyes. Having the right car window tint can prevent these rays from entering your vehicle and harming you and your vehicle’s passengers.

Extend the life of your car’s interior

Exposure to heat-causing infrared and UV rays degrades the materials and reduces the lifespan of your car’s upholstery, dashboard, and other interior components. Car window tinting can block these rays emitted by the sun.

Adds a safety measure in case of an accident

Your car’s windows are made of tempered, laminated glass. It is designed to shatter into smaller pieces, safer than more significant pieces of shattered glass. These smaller glass pieces can still injure you in your vehicle. Window tint can hold these pieces together when the glass breaks.

Get better gas mileage for your vehicle

With window tints blocking out the heat from your vehicle, your air-conditioning does not need to work as much to maintain a comfortable temperature inside for you and your passengers. This gives your vehicle better gas mileage since the air conditioning runs less often.

Pink and black Tesla SUV

Save on maintenance for your vehicle

With window tints insulating your vehicle from the sun’s heat, your air conditioning will not work as much to maintain a comfortable temperature. This places less strain on your air conditioner and prolongs its lifespan.

A red and black Tesla SUV.

Improve the overall style of your car’s exterior

The right window tint can enhance the look of your vehicle. You can install a film with a color of your choosing to add contrast or blend better with the rest of your vehicle or with a reflective or matte tint to add some style.

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Your Ride?

There are various kinds of car window tints you can apply to your vehicle. The most common ones are dyed, metalized, hybrid, crystalline, carbon, and ceramic.
The window tint percentage refers to its visible light transmission or VLT, which indicates how much light can get through it and into your vehicle’s interior. So, if a tint has a 20 percent VLT, 20 percent of the light a window is exposed to passes through it. Essentially, a lower VLT means a darker window for your vehicle.
Dyed window tints are the most affordable to purchase and install for your vehicle. Dyed window tints consist of several layers of dyed film. It can block sunlight from the interior of your vehicle effectively.
Carbon and ceramic window tints are the most durable types you can find. These do not fade as fast and have better scratch resistance than other tints. Carbon window tints are more effective in blocking the sun than dyed and metalized tints. It can insulate a vehicle’s interior by as much as 40 percent. On the other hand, ceramic window tints can block ultraviolet rays that cause eye and skin damage and 80 percent of infrared light from the sun, which increases your car’s interior temperature.
Crystalline window tint is the best choice if you prefer a less noticeable tinting look or a more transparent finish for your vehicle. But, despite this, crystalline tints still work great for blocking UV and infrared rays, so these can protect your car’s passengers, interior, and cargo from the sun.
Metalized car window tints provide the best protection against the sun. It can block up to 99% of UV rays that damage car interiors and your skin. It is also the best for blocking the infrared rays that heat your car’s interior.
There is! Carbon window tint has a matte finish. How much tint percentage is required in Florida? Florida requires varying tint percentages depending on the vehicle and window in question, except for windshields with no tints below the manufacturer’s AS-1 line. For sedans:
  • Front-side windows: Not lower than 28 percent VLT
  • Back-side windows: Not lower than 15 percent VLT
  • Rear window: Not lower than 15 percent VLT
For SUVs and vans:
  • Front-side windows: Not lower than 28 percent VLT
  • Back-side windows: Not lower than 6 percent VLT
  • Rear window: Not lower than 6 percent VLT
The state of Florida permits the following reflection levels for sedans, SUVs, and vans:
  • Front-side windows: Not more than 25 percent reflective
  • Back-side windows: Not more than 35 percent reflective
To block UV and infrared rays, your window tint should have a rating of no more than 50 percent VLT. This will, at least, block out half of the light that your vehicle is exposed to.
The recommended tint percentage for privacy is 20 percent and below. But, given the law’s limitations, you can only apply such a tint on the back side and rear windows of your vehicle.
Metalized window tints can interrupt signal transmission due to the metal particles it uses to block out the sun’s light.
You can tint your windows. But it requires incredible precision to do it right. Or else, it can get complicated and messy if you need the right equipment or technique to do it properly.

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At #201WRAP, we have an experienced team designing, printing, applying, and removing wraps for our clients. So, you can rest assured that we can install tints on your window. After all, installing wraps on a vehicle is a more complicated process than tinting your vehicle’s windows, no matter how similar they might appear.

And, with our commitment to continuously improve our knowledge and craft, you can expect our team to provide an excellent service in installing your preferred window tint on your vehicle’s windows. We can even recommend high-quality window tint films based on your preferred features, looks, and price.

Since 2008, we’ve provided various services, including car window tinting, commercial wrapping, and car vinyl wrapping in Jacksonville. As we continually refine our skills, learn new techniques, and apply them over time, #201WRAP ensures that you receive the highest quality service and materials for your window tinting needs in St. Augustine and Jacksonville, Florida.

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