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Looking to make your vehicle safer and protect its interior? #201WRAP provides professional car window tinting in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL, with flawless installation and high-quality materials, ensuring that you get an excellent result that lasts for years to come.

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With our window tinting installation, you can cruise through the streets shielded from the sun’s rays and prying eyes. You can choose from a wide variety and types of window tinting, ensuring you get a personalized look for your vehicle.

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Benefits of

Car Window Tinting

Protection for Your Car’s Interior

Your vehicle’s upholstery won’t last as long when exposed continuously to the UV rays of the sun, causing the material to fade, discolor, crack, and warp. Window tint provides this protection by preventing the harsh rays of the sun from getting into the vehicle.

Make Your Vehicle More Comfortable

Tinting your windows reduces the buildup of heat by blocking the sun, allowing for a cooler and more comfortable time driving or riding in your vehicle.

Reduced Glare

Tinted windows can reduce glare from the sunlight and headlights of oncoming traffic, improving visibility and making driving safer and more comfortable.

Better Privacy and Security

Tinting your car’s windows increases its privacy by making it more difficult to see inside your vehicle. This can deter potential thieves by hiding valuable possessions.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Window tinting gives your vehicle a sleek and stylish look. With the wide variety of styles and types available, window tint can make your car look unique.

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Why Choose #201WRAP for

Car Window Tinting in St. Augustine and Jacksonville, FL

Experienced Team

#201WRAP has several years of experience in window tinting in St. Augustine. You can expect flawless installation of window tint on your vehicle.

Flawless Installation

We provide quality auto tinting installation to our clients. You will see clean edges and uniform tint clarity on the windshield and all windows of your vehicle.

Premium Window Tinting Material

#201WRAP only uses premium-grade films renowned for their durability, UV protection, and heat rejection, which ensures that you get uniform tinting and superior clarity on your windows.

Choose #201WRAP for

Your Car Window Tinting Needs

For flawless installation and high-quality car window tinting in St. Augustine, #201WRAP is your best choice. Contact us for a free consultation with our team and discover the different window tints you can choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Florida, you cannot apply window film on your windshield, below your vehicle’s AS-1 line (usually placed 5 inches from the top of your windshield). As for the area above the AS-1 line, you can install any kind of window tint as long as it’s non-reflective. 

As for window tint, the front-side windows of sedans, SUVs, and vans must allow at least 28% of light. On the other hand, back-side and rear windows in sedans must allow at least 15% of light, while those in SUVs and vans must let in at least 6% of light.

You can install reflective tint on your vehicle’s windows but not on any part of its windshield. However, you can only install tint with 25% reflectiveness on the front-side windows and with 35% reflectiveness on the back-side windows for sedans, SUVs, and vans.

Yes, you can. As long as it is within the regulations for car tints set by the state of Florida, we can personalize the tint darkness of your vehicle.
Tinting takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete on each window in your vehicle. So, it takes at least 2 hours for sedans and at least 3 hours for larger vehicles.
Even with legal window tint, it can affect your visibility during nighttime driving, especially with darker tint shades and in poorly lit areas. If you have visibility issues, it is best to choose a lighter tint shade to ensure you have no trouble seeing your surroundings in low-light environments.
Window tinting film is completely removable. And, with our team here at #201WRAP, you do not have to worry about damage to your vehicle or any residues left behind.
Yes, we do offer a warranty on our car tinting services. It covers discoloration, breaks, and other signs of deterioration before its expected end of useful life.
Yes, we can install vehicle tint on sedans, hatchbacks, vans, SUVs, pickups, trucks, RVs, trailers, and boats.
We offer dyed, metalized, hybrid, carbon, and ceramic window tints. Our wide array of vehicle window tint allows us to provide the benefits of tinting your vehicle while also adding style and personality to it.

You can schedule a FREE consultation for window tinting with #201WRAP by contacting us at: 

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(904) 201-9727 for our Jacksonville location

As long as you get a professional window tint installation for your vehicle, you have nothing to worry about with tinting affecting your vehicle’s warranty.
Yes, you can get a quote for your vehicle’s window tinting before a consultation. We can estimate a range on how much it will cost based on the model and make of your vehicle. But, for a specific quote based on the visibility and style you want from your tint, you will have to see the different window tints we offer.

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