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Taking care of your vehicle’s vinyl wrap is essential to maintain its appearance and ensure its longevity. You need to know how to do it right, or else you might use products that could damage your wrap. This article will provide you with information on how to take care of your vinyl wrap to achieve the best results without causing the car wrapping to fade, peel, crack, or bubble.


Explore Car Wrap Ideas and Discover Endless Possibilities for

Transforming Your Vehicle

Here at #201WRAP, we can help make this your reality. Our team will collaborate with you to create a custom car wrap design that will turn heads and create the impression you’re looking for. You can look at our gallery of car wrap designs to see how well we can deliver on this promise.
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Why Customize Your

Car Wrap Design

There are several stock car wrap designs you can choose from to style your vehicle. Nothing can match the unique appearance of having a custom car wrap design for your vehicle.

Here’s why:

Express Your Style
Express Your Style
There’s nothing wrong with installing vinyl wraps with stock designs. Sometimes these fall short of creating a look that perfectly reflects your style. If you want wraps that genuinely express your style, custom-designed wraps are a great way.
Stand Out
Stand Out
One thing that makes custom design wraps so great is the unique appearance they give your car. With a wrap design specifically tailored for you, your vehicle has its own design.
White Alfa Romeo in parking lot
Lamborghini with iridescent wrap.
If you’re using your vehicle to advertise your business, custom wraps are one of the best marketing tools you can have. It promotes your business wherever your vehicle goes. With striking visuals, people are more likely to remember your brand when they need your product or service.
Protect Your Paint
Protect Your Paint
Vinyl wraps protect your vehicle from being scratched and damaged by long-term exposure to the elements. As a result, you can get a better resale value when you decide to sell your vehicle.

PopularCar Wrap DesignThemes

Sleek Matte Black

Nothing exudes sophistication and mystery more than a sleek, matte black design. Sleek matte black designs are easier to photograph and maintain since reflections or swirls are not a thing, and they hide small scratches better.

Vibrant Color Bursts

Make your vehicle pop and heads turn with vibrant color bursts on your vinyl wrap. Electric blues, fiery reds, and citrus yellows—these colors can make your vehicle stand out and express your bright and outgoing personality. With how well it reflects light, scratches are not as visible, and your vehicle does not absorb as much heat.

Carbon Fiber Accents

Give your vehicle a futuristic edge and a woven texture with carbon fiber accents. These accents hug the curves of your vehicle and give it an aerodynamic vibe. With their lightweight feel, your ride looks like it’s defying gravity.

Nature-Inspired Graphics

Make your vehicle a canvas of outdoor beauty with nature-inspired graphics. From natural elements to beautiful landscapes, embrace your love for nature with stunning designs inspired by its beauty.

Geometric Shapes

Make a statement of modern sophistication or bold expression with sleek lines, dynamic angles, and striking patterns. Regardless of the look you want to create, geometric shapes and patterns give an impression of sleek elegance to your vehicle.

How to Choose the Right

Car Wrap Design

Consider Your Vehicle

Before choosing or creating a car wrap design, understand the shape of your vehicle first. Observe the curves, contours, body breaks, and learn about its unique features. The design of your wrap should complement these if you want the best look for your vehicle.

Think About Your Goals

Why are you wrapping your vehicle? Is it to make it different from the rest? Do you want to make a statement? Do you want it to have a particular color or texture? Or, is it to promote your business? Whatever your reasons for wrapping your vehicle, your design should be in line with them.

Take Inspiration from Custom Designs You Find

Explore car wrap ideas and take note of what catches your eye and which ones you like. Do not limit yourself when exploring designs. Explore designs offline and online, and find inspiration in other vehicles unlike yours.

Visualize the Outcome

Before finalizing a design, make sure to visualize how your vehicle will look with the design you are considering. Our team here at #201WRAP can render it in 3D graphics so you can see how the design will look on your vehicle.

Whether you’re traveling from Jacksonville to St. Augustine or anywhere in between, we can design a wrap to suit your needs!

Ready to Bring Your Custom

Car Wrap Design

to Life?

Contact us today for a free consultation with our expert team at #201WRAP. Our team will collaborate with you to create a custom car wrap that reflects your unique vision and style. We will help you with car wrap ideas tailored to your vehicle and that aligns with your design preferences and vision.