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We are your go-to destination for all your car wrapping and commercial vinyl wrapping in St. Augustine. With a range of wrapping and protection services, you can craft a durable, customized vehicle or enhance your corporate fleet for heightened exposure and business expansion wherever you travel.


St. Augustine / St. Johns County Vehicle Wraps

A sports car with graphics on hood.


Make your vehicle stand out and unique by having your vehicle wrapped. We can change the color of your vehicle without having it painted, personalize its look with your custom graphic, or a combination of both. This is our specialty so there's no need for you to look further if you are looking for the best car wrap shop in St. Augustine.

Green Ford Raptor truck with silver wheels.


Keep your vehicle’s paint job flawless by applying automotive paint protection films. Our team can apply various paint protection solutions for our customers in Florida with clear bra or ceramic film coatings. We are certified Xpel paint protection film installers and certified ceramic pro installers so that you can expect a flawless application of protective film on your vehicle.

White and blue sprinter van with local business graphics.


Are you looking for vehicle or business branding? #201WRAP can design, print, and install large-format vehicle decals, graphics for your vans or box trucks, and more. We can install vinyl wraps on your business's vehicle and large format wraps on your floors, storefronts, walls, and windows to promote your business.

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About #201WRAP

St. Augustine / St. Johns County

#201WRAP St Augustine is an industry-leading brand. We have been wrapping vehicles since 2008 and we have stayed true to our commitment to continually educate and train ourselves to improve our craft in vehicle wrapping throughout the years. Because of this, we can offer high-quality wrapping services for our clients, including the design and printing of the vinyl wraps we install.

Here at #201WRAP, we provide the following services:

We provide quality services to our customers. This is why we only install the best vinyl wrap products, like Avery Dennison, Xpel, and 3M, on their vehicles. And we have certified installers of these brands, so you can expect a flawless installation from our team.

Whether it’s for your personal or business vehicle, whether you seek a stylish finish or protective layer for its paint job, we offer a comprehensive range of wraps tailored to your needs. From fleet wrapping services in St. Augustine to individual vehicle solutions, our expert team is ready to assist you. Contact us today for a free quote on your vinyl wrap project.


Vehicle Wraps

With vehicle wraps, you can change the color or texture of your vehicle, or wrap your vehicle in custom graphics to add individuality to your vehicle or promote your business. Having your vehicle wrapped is more affordable and requires less time and work than a new paint job. Plus, it can protect your vehicle’s paint job and it will not tarnish it since wraps do not leave any residue when removed. For high-quality car wrapping in St. Augustine, #201WRAP is your best choice!

Paint Protection Film

Paint protective film (PPF) protects and maintains the paint job of your vehicle. This transparent film is made of urethane and applied to the painted surfaces of your vehicle's exterior. PPF can protect your vehicle's paint job from chips, scratches, chemical stains, and fading. It can even prevent swirl marks and hard water spots from forming on your vehicle. PPF has a self-healing material so it regains its original form after being indented or scratched by debris.
#201WRAP offers a variety of packages for paint protection films here in St. Augustine.

Boat Wraps

Wrapping your boat goes beyond customizing it with your style. The vinyl wrap protects the gel coat of your boat from damage caused by debris and fading due to continuous exposure to the sun. This helps in maintaining the value of your boat for future resale and reducing the costs for repairs and maintenance in the future. Our boat wrapping service includes preparing the surface for wrap application by thorough cleaning and polishing to ensure the film sticks completely to the surface.

Vehicle Window Tinting

Tinting the windows of your vehicle is essential for your privacy and comfort. The right window tint can shield the interior of your vehicle from prying eyes and keep the sun out of it to ensure you and your passengers’ comfort. Plus, by keeping the sun out, the interior components of your vehicle have a longer lifespan.

Large Format Printing

There are no limits as to the designs that we can wrap onto your vehicle, windows, floor, or wall. This is thanks to our high-end large-format printing equipment and inks that can handle whatever design you want to be installed for your wrap. It does not matter if it's a one-off print or for multiple installations. We can do it for you! And, if you need to have your graphics designed or adapted for large-format printing, we have professional designers ready to do it for you.

Van Wraps

Van wraps are an effective marketing tool that can turn an ordinary van into a mobile advertising billboard. You can customize these vinyl graphics to display your company’s logo, products, services, and messages to a large group of people. They can be used on all types of vans, including cargo vans, passenger vans, and delivery vans. It is an excellent way to promote your business on the go.

Commercial Wraps

Spread awareness about your business by promoting it through commercial wraps. You can have your vehicle, box truck, or trailer wrapped with your business’ branded or promotional graphics. You can even have the walls, windows, or floors inside and outside of your store wrapped to create a unique look for your business without the cost of a paint job.
#201WRAP can wrap one up to a fleet of your vehicles or your store’s walls, windows, and floors!

Fleet Wraps

Vinyl films have transformed the auto industry and opened a whole new portal for vehicle customization. A factory paint job, or even a custom paint job is no longer the best solution for the transformation of your personal or commercial auto – a vehicle wrap is. The quality of materials, printers, inks, design and installation methods are all an important part of a premium vehicle wrap.


Supporting the 904

We are proud to support the local community of St. Augustine through our vehicle and commercial wrapping services. You only need to look through our portfolio of businesses that have benefited from our services. We have helped them all – from businesses that needed to have their branded graphics installed to those that required a full-spectrum solution from design to installation.
And, there is no job too big or too small for #201WRAP. We can provide car wrapping, window tinting, paint protection film, and ceramic coating services for your business regardless of the number of your vehicles. Whether it’s for a single vehicle or your fleet, our team can do the job for you!

#201WRAP specializes in professional car vinyl wrapping services in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL. In addition to car wraps, businesses in these areas can trust us for designing, printing, and wrapping commercial graphics for windows, walls, and more. Contact us today for a free estimate, or share your project details for personalized assistance. Choose #201WRAP and experience the reason behind our satisfied customer base.

Why Choose Us?

#201WRAP has been in the vehicle wrapping game since 2008. We have been the first and original wrap shop in Jacksonville and provided our professional and custom vinyl wrap solutions for countless cars, trucks, boats, business vehicles and storefronts, and various personal projects for over ten years. 

We knew that vinyl films were the future of vehicle customization, paint protection, business branding, and more. This is why we have taken on vehicle wrapping with a mission and a passion. Our team never stopped learning new techniques and perfecting the skills we use to provide our services. Because of this, we can provide high-quality wrapping services to all types of customers – vehicle owners, exotic car racing professionals, and business owners.

#201WRAP St. Augustine/St. Johns County is our second location in the state of Florida, with our first car wrapping shop being Jacksonville, FL’s original wrap shop. 

Like our Jacksonville shop, our St. Augustine/St. Johns County location has a team of experienced professionals with the right knowledge and skills to deliver the highest quality design, printing, and installs. Aside from car wrapping, we also provide specialty auto protection services, vehicle and property window tinting, and photography and videography services. 

Lastly, #201WRAP is a certified installer of 3M Graphics, XPEL films, and Avery Dennison, so you can make the most of your installs. And, as a member of UASG-certified installers, you can expect us to use the latest and best techniques for vinyl wraps.

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#201WRAP is committed to providing our customers with high-quality designs, prints, and installs. So, if you need vinyl wrapping, ceramic coating, paint protection film, or car window tinting in Jacksonville or St. Johns County, look no further than #201WRAP. 

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