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Your fleet has unrealized potential when it comes to promoting your business. With fleet wraps, you can turn all of your commercial vehicles into mobile billboards for your brand. Your team only has to do their usual business, and the vehicle wraps will spread awareness for your brand wherever they go.

Create a Consistent Look for Your Fleet

Create a Professional Look for Your Commercial Vehicles

Spread Word About Your Brand Wherever Your Vehicles Go

Make Your Vehicles Stand Out on the Road

Take Advantage of a Cost-Effective Method for Advertising Your Business

Promotes Your Business With No Added Work For Your Team

Generate Awareness and Interest in Your Brand

Attract Leads and Sales for Your Business

With our team here at #201WRAP, you can have stunning customized designs wrapped on your fleet in one place. And, with our facilities and equipment for large-scale projects, you can have your vehicles wrapped with no delays.

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Ready to take the first step of your fleet’s transformation? Get your free estimate for your commercial fleet’s vehicle wraps in St. Augustine! Don’t miss this opportunity to drive your business to new heights and make your brand a household name in your service areas. We ensure the finest quality wrapping in the industry. Our premier services include custom commercial wrapping and car vinyl wrapping in St. Augustine

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Why Choose #201WRAP as Your

Commercial Vehicle Wrap Provider in St. Augustine

Consistent Wrap Design

Uniformity across different mediums is important if you want people to recognize your brand instantly and reinforce its image in their minds whenever they see it. You can trust #201WRAP to design and install the wraps so that all the vehicles in your fleet look the same. You can expect all the brand elements to have the same colors, imagery, and words. With us, your customers will have no trouble recognizing your brand and perceive its professional image in your industry whenever they see one of your commercial vehicles on the road.

Capable of Large-Scale Wrap Installation

Not all vehicle wrap designers and installers have the team and facilities to do a large-scale high-quality wrap installation. #201WRAP is different. We have the facilities to wrap sedans, vans, trucks, box trucks, and, even, boats. You can expect us to finish wrapping your fleet vehicles within a short time since we have the space and team for multiple installations at the same time. You can expect a quality result for every vehicle in your fleet.

A cargo van wrapped in yellow and blue with local business graphics.

One-Stop Fleet Vehicle Wrap Solution

There’s a lot more to vehicle wraps than simply installation. Aside from installing the wraps, it also involves designing the graphics and printing them out. #201WRAP has the team and the equipment to do all of this for our customers. Our team can design graphics tailored to your brand that catches the eye of potential customers as your fleets drive down the road.

Post-Installation Support

Vehicle wraps require care to ensure it stays pristine and lasts for years. There is a proper way to do this, but it can take away time from your team when they should be working on your business. With how often your vehicles face the elements, risk wear and tear, and have the occasional accident, there will be instances when some parts of the wrap are damaged. #201WRAP can take care of all of these. We have a dedicated team that can support you long after its installation and provides minor touch-ups and spot replacements of your fleet vehicle wrap in St. Augustine.

Get Your Fleet Wrapped in

St. Augustine by #201WRAP!

If you want to have your commercial vehicles wrapped with consistent design and quality, #201WRAP is the clear choice for your business. We can design, print, and install designs for large-scale projects so you will get every vehicle in your fleet wrapped on schedule. And, with our end-to-end vinyl wrapping solutions and post-installation support, your fleet can get everything it needs for quality fleet wraps in St. Augustine for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wrapping your business’ commercial fleet turns each of your vehicles into moving billboards that can promote your business 24/7 everywhere they go. Vehicle wraps create a more professional and consistent look and give people an easier time becoming aware of and recognizing your brand. Vehicle wraps can increase inquiries and sales for your business by increasing the traffic towards your traditional and digital marketing channels.

Yes, the wraps can be customized for different vehicle types. The dimensions of the vehicle are always a consideration when designing the graphics printed on the vinyl wraps. When we create the design for your vehicles, we will have a separate design for each type of vehicle in your fleet. 

Vinyl wraps require washing at least once a week. A gentle automotive detergent or the recommended detailing product for your specific wrap is best. Handwashing it with an automotive sponge or clean, soft cloth is the best method since brushes, including those in an automated car wash, will degrade the graphics and cause the edges to peel or lift. 

Given that you have a fleet of vehicles wrapped in vinyl and limited time, we encourage you to take advantage of the vinyl wrap maintenance services we offer for our clients here at #201WRAP.

Yes, there is! We offer bulk discounts for customers who want their commercial vehicle fleet wrapped. Contact us to get a free estimate on your commercial fleet!

A typical wrap installation takes around 8 hours and a full vehicle wrap can take 2 to 3 days to complete. For a fleet, it will depend on the size of the vehicles, and the complexity of your desired design. To get an estimated completion time for your fleet, you can contact our team at #201WRAP.

The vinyl wraps will not interfere with the vehicle’s functionality or safety, including any sensors on it. Our team can also work around any sensors if you would rather not have these wrapped with vinyl or covered by graphics.

Create a Professional Look

for Your Fleet with #201WRAP

Give your fleet the professional edge it needs to attract more leads and customers for your brand! Experience the transformation of your commercial vehicles through #201WRAP’s expert designs and installation, covering everything from comprehensive fleet wraps to premiere box truck wraps in St. Augustine. With our help, your vehicles will elevate your brand, capture people’s attention, spread awareness for your brand, and attract more business. Take the first step and contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE!