Transform Your Food Truck

with Eye-Catching Wraps


Are you tired of your food truck looking generic and like everyone else’s? Do you want your food truck to turn heads and generate curiosity about your menu? Do you want to attract more customers to your business and get more people talking about it?

If you answer “yes” to any of these, food truck vinyl wraps provide the solution you are looking for.

Customize Your Food Truck with Your Branding

Promote Your Business Wherever You Go

Cost-Effective Marketing

Create a More Professional Image

Catch People’s Eyes and Attract Them to Your Food Truck

Make Your Brand Easier for People to Recall

Our design experts here at #201WRAP will work with you to create a design that aligns with your brand. We can even provide design inputs to make it more attractive and ensure people get to know and remember your brand.

Contact us today for a free quote on your food truck wrap designed and installed by #201WRAP!

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Get More Business with Eye-Catching

Food Truck Wraps

Customize to Showcase Your Brand
Design your food truck the way you want to, and use it to make your brand come to life. With vinyl wraps, you have complete creative freedom in how you will showcase your logo, menu, and contact details on your food truck.
Attract More Customers
Make your food truck stand out wherever you park it with vinyl wraps. With #201WRAP designing and installing it for you, passersby will flock to your food truck and can’t help but try out what you offer.
A food truck wrapped in local business graphics.
Mobile Marketing

Vinyl wraps transform your food truck into a mobile billboard for your business. It does not matter whether you are open or just parked. It will make your brand, menu, and contact details visible and memorable. Let your business stand out with help from the experts at #201WRAP.

Create a Professional Image
A well-designed food truck wrap gives your business a professional image that inspires people to trust your brand and stand out from your competition.
Blue and yellow food truck with local business graphics.
BBQ food truck wrapped with business graphics
Cost-Effective Method of Marketing
Having your food truck wrapped is a one-time expense for your business, but it will continue to attract more customers to you for as long as it is on your vehicle.

Other Benefits of Vehicle Wraps for Your Food Truck

Protection for Your Vehicle

Vinyl wraps protect your vehicle's original paint job from scratches, chemical damage, and UV exposure. Unlike a paint job, it only takes a few days to have a damaged part of it repaired, so it can get back to making money for your business immediately.

Value Preservation

The protection vinyl wraps provide allows for the preservation of your vehicle’s value. If you decide to sell it in the future, you can get more of your investment back.

Easier Cleaning and Maintenance

Having your food truck wrapped allows you to forego waxing your vehicle. It only requires daily wiping and weekly washing to maintain the wrap’s appearance and ensure its longevity.

Do You Need Professional Care for

Your Vehicle Vinyl Wrap?

If you prefer a professional to take care of your vehicle’s vinyl wrap, you can have our team do it for you. Let us help you keep your car wrapping looking flawless for years to come. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our team!