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Traditional dent repair comes with several problems. It can ruin your vehicle’s original paint, make the repaired part look mismatched from the rest, and leave you without a ride for several days, if not weeks.

You don’t have these problems with #201WRAP’s paintless dent removal in Jacksonville, FL! You can have your vehicle back without any dents within the day and without causing any damage to its original finish. Plus, it is significantly more affordable than how much traditional bodywork will cost you.

Are you looking for excellent dent removal in Jacksonville, FL? Choose #201WRAP for top-quality dent repair for your vehicle that can be done within the day and doesn’t devalue your vehicle! Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION with #201WRAP!

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Benefits of

Paintless Dent Repair


Flawless Finish

Paintless dent removal preserves the original finish of your vehicle. You wouldn’t have to touch it up or see any imperfections on the finish.

Retains the Vehicle’s Structural Integrity

There will be no holes drilled or body fill used on your vehicle. The dent is massaged from the inside and returned to its original form to preserve its structural integrity.

More Affordable Option

There’s no need to paint, drill holes, or use filler to fix dents with paintless dent repair. Without all the added body work, you get your vehicle back in its original condition, without the added cost.

Fast Turnaround Time

It only takes a day to fix your car back to its original condition with paintless dent removal. In our Jacksonville and St. Johns, FL, locations here at #201WRAP, we could do it in only a few hours.

Ideal Method of Repair for Modern Automotive Paint

Modern auto paint is made to resist blemishes and dents. Paintless dent removal takes advantage of this and allows you to return your vehicle to its like-new condition.

Protects Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Repainting will never look as good as the original paint of your vehicle. Paintless dent removal allows you to retain this finish and sell it at a better price in the future.

Why Choose #201WRAP for

Paintless Dent Removal in Jacksonville, FL

Excellent Quality of Work

We aim to deliver nothing short of excellence when it comes to paintless dent repairs. You can visit #201WRAP’s Jacksonville or St. Johns location to see our work firsthand.

Accepts Insurance for Covered Repairs

We can work with your insurance company to repair your vehicle. There’s no need for you to spend out-of-pocket for repairs covered by your insurance policy.

Warranty Coverage

We stand by the quality of our paintless dent removal. That’s why we guarantee it with our warranty coverage for any defects arising after we complete the repairs.

Make Your Vehicle Dent-Free with #201WRAP!

Say goodbye to unsightly dents and revitalize your vehicle with our paintless dent repair in Jacksonville, FL! Our expert team will transform your car back into its like-new condition. Don’t settle for anything less than excellent workmanship and contact us for a free consultation for paintless dent removal with our Jacksonville team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paintless dent removal is a dent repair process that does not require traditional body work or painting. It works by gently popping or pulling the dent back into place with the use of special tools. The paint is not damaged during the process, allowing you to forego repainting it, unlike traditional dent repair.

You can expect a typical car wrapping to take a single day, while vehiclAs long as the blemish is minor and does not damage the paint, paintless dent removal can be an effective way to restore it to its original appearance. Below are some of the dents that paintless dent repair can fix:e wraps with elaborate designs or custom graphics printed on them take around one to three days.

  • Door dings on your vehicle’s side panels
  • Crease dents caused by a pole, branch, or any other elongated objects striking your vehicle
  • Hail damage
  • Shopping cart dents
  • Minor collision dents that did not damage your vehicle’s paint
  • Bodyline damage
  • Round dents

You can contact #201WRAP to find out if we can repair the dent with paintless dent removal.

Smaller dents can be repaired with paintless dent removal within an hour while larger or several dents and creases (like hail damage) can take 1 to 2 days to fix.
Paintless dent removal does not damage the vehicle’s paint. Whatever damage is revealed after the repair has already been done before the repairs are done.
Paintless dent removal is more affordable and faster than the traditional methods for body repair.
Yes, we do. You can contact us to learn more about our warranty coverage on our paintless dent removal services.
Paintless dent repair can handle large or complex dents. But, it can be less effective in restoring the vehicle to its original condition if it has a deeper or more complex dent. You can schedule a free consultation so that we can see if paintless dent repair can return your vehicle to its original form.
Paintless dent removal is possible on all cars. However, it works best on those with a model year 1990 or newer.

Paintless dent repair in Jacksonville, FL, costs around $50 to $150. But, the cost still depends on the complexity and severity of the dent. You can send us a photo of your vehicle’s damage through this link to get an estimate for the paintless dent removal required to bring your vehicle back to its original condition.

It is a permanent solution since permanent dent removal manipulates your vehicle’s body to its original condition. However, if it has a damaged finish even when it is only a minor dent, a touch up is necessary to return it to its pristine condition. This is why we recommend protecting your vehicle while it is still in good condition with ceramic coating in Jacksonville, FL.


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