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Your vehicles are an overlooked asset for promoting your business. Transform your corporate vehicles into dynamic mobile advertisements with our professional vehicle wrapping services in Jacksonville and St. Augustine. Branding your fleet creates a professional look for your business while expanding your reach and attracting potential customers wherever you go. It’s time to maximize the potential of your overlooked assets and effortlessly promote your products and services to a broader audience.

With #201WRAP’s fleet wrap services in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, you can:

With our help, you can achieve top-notch branding for your fleet of commercial vehicles. We have certified wrap installers that have the knowledge, training, and experience to lay flawless wraps that will last. Plus, we can take care of everything for you from start to finish of the process thanks to our in-house team of graphic designers, photographers, printers, and wrappers. 

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Why Wrap Your Vehicles

Having your fleet of vehicles wrapped is among the tried and tested methods for marketing a business even before the introduction of internet marketing. It can deliver your message and create brand awareness to a local audience, which makes customers more likely to contact you or remember your brand when they need your product or service. It also does not interrupt whatever they are doing so, as long as you have an eye-catching design and effective copy on your fleet wrap, St. Augustine and Jacksonville customers can easily notice your ad and recall your brand when they need what you offer in the future.

Moreover, by including your website and social media handles on it, commercial vehicle wraps will complement your internet marketing activities. This helps improve your returns on your spending on these channels in exchange for an investment that will last for a few years and help preserve the value of your vehicles. 

Turn Your Vehicles Into Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards are effective in marketing to people confined in a specific location. It is highly visible – with Statista’s research suggesting that almost 9 out of 10 people notice these mobile billboards whenever they are nearby. And, mobile billboards can reach places that traditional billboards can’t. 

With fleet wrapping, your service vehicles essentially double as mobile billboards for your business. You are not even limited to evergreen marketing promotions since it only takes two days to wrap a vehicle so you can also use it to promote limited-time offers.

Creates Brand Awareness

The eye-catching graphics and words will draw people’s eyes to your commercial vehicles if they are car wrapped. Combine this with your logo, slogan, product or service, and contact details and customers will take note of your offer. Then, when a need arises for what you have to offer, they are more likely to remember to contact you for at least an inquiry about it. Even if they do not take note of your contact details, your potential customers are more likely to have your business on top of their minds and search your name on the internet. 

Provides a Non-Intrusive Form of Advertising

Vehicle wraps advertise your business without interrupting or intruding on whatever your target audience is doing. As a result, when it does catch their attention, they are more likely to consume your message on it and have a positive association with your brand. Both of these are important if you want potential customers to immediately act on your call to action. 

Get Higher Returns Per Dollar Spent

You can get more returns from your marketing expenses by having your commercial vehicles wrapped. More people will go to your website and social media, and search for your brand name with these plastered on your vehicles while serving your customers. And, since you only pay for it once, vehicle wraps have a lower cost for every impression it attracts and every customer it converts for your business.  

Yellow and white transit van with local business design and graphics.

Protects Your Vehicle’s Exterior

Full-body vehicle wraps protect your vehicle’s exteriors. This helps maintain their resale value since the vehicle’s paint job will have little to no scratches and fading since the wrap protects it from debris and UV rays. Because of this, when it’s time to sell or trade it in, you will get a better deal for your vehicles. 

If you choose to only install spot graphics or partial wraps, your commercial fleet can still be fully protected with our paint protection services in our Jacksonville and St. Augustine locations.

24/7 Brand Exposure

Commercial vehicle wraps keep your business in the public eye 24/7. It is not limited by time slots, target audience behavior, or display periods. Your brand and its main selling points are there on your vehicles for everyone to see whether they are parked in front of your establishment when your business is closed, or when they are on the road or parked while your team is serving your customers. 

Advertises Your Business With Minimal Effort

Commercial vehicle wraps advertise your business with minimal effort. There’s no need to distribute flyers, post print ads, make calls, or implement online promotions. Your commercial vehicles will drive around with eye-catching graphics and people who are interested in what you offer will take a photo of your vehicle or contact you immediately. Either way, they will take action without any prompting on your end. 

Offers a High Level of Customization

Commercial vehicle wraps advertise your business with minimal effort. There’s no need to distribute flyers, post print ads, make calls, or implement online promotions. Your commercial vehicles will drive around with eye-catching graphics and people who are interested in what you offer will take a photo of your vehicle or contact you immediately. Either way, they will take action without any prompting on your end. 

Tesla suv wrapped in pink and black graphics
Ford truck with red, white and blue graphics

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Why Choose #201WRAP

Our team here at #201WRAP is not only experienced but also committed to continuous learning and sharpening their skills in delivering the highest quality fleet wrapping services in St. Augustine and Jacksonville, FL. We also make sure our clients understand what we do, what they can expect, and how they should maintain and prolong the quality of their vehicle wraps. Of course, we can only do all of these thanks to the passion that everyone in #201WRAP has for vehicle wraps, vehicle customization, and, in general, vehicle and the auto industry.

Wide Range of Options

We have been in the business of vehicle and vinyl wraps for more than a decade. We have honed our knowledge and skills and used what we know in training new members of our team throughout these years. Also, our team has honed their knowledge on how businesses can effectively communicate their brand message through the wraps we install on their commercial vehicles.

Certified Car Wrap Experts

#201WRAP makes it a point to use the best products in the best industry when providing our customers with our services. But, we understand that the quality of these products can only be realized when installed as intended by the manufacturer. This is why we only have these products installed by members of our team who are trained and certified by the manufacturers.

All-In-One Wrapping Solution

#201WRAP has team members with the expertise to take care of every step of the vehicle wrapping process from design up to its installation. And, we have the equipment for in-house large format printing so there’s no added cost for printing the designs for your commercial fleet. With these, #201WRAP can help save time and costs in fleet wrapping for Jacksonville businesses.


Ready to transform your commercial fleet into mobile marketing vehicles for your business? Contact us today here at #201WRAP, the pioneer vehicle wrapping experts in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida. With our more than a decade of experience and certification in wrap installations, you can expect to receive exceptional service for your business. 

You do not need to worry about any aspect of the fleet wrapping process when you choose #201WRAP. We can take care of everything in-house – including designing, printing, preparation, and installation. Contact us today to request a quote and experience the difference #201WRAP in fleet wrapping for Jacksonville, FL businesses.

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