How to Care for a

Wrapped Boat

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Vinyl boat wraps are a great investment for your yacht, pontoon, or boat. It customizes your vessel’s appearance and protects its hull from scratches, minor abrasions, and UV damage. And, like any part of your vessel, boat wraps require proper care to maintain their vibrant appearance, make sure they last, and ensure they continue to protect your boat’s hull.

In this short guide, you will learn how to care for a wrapped boat to ensure the vinyl material and the design remains in top shape. Read on and find out the dos and don’ts of proper boat wrap care.


Boat Wraps

Boat wraps, similar to their counterparts for vehicles, are specialized coverings that serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. It protects your hull against scratches, dents, peeling, and UV damage, helping preserve your boat’s durability for years to come. It allows you to customize your boat with unlimited color and pattern options and personalized graphics and designs. And it is more affordable than painting your boat’s hull to achieve the same customization or remove any blemishes on it.

Why Proper Care for Your

Boat Wrap Matters

Boat wraps are exposed to harsh marine environments and extended periods under the sun. These conditions can make ensuring its longevity and maintaining its vibrant appearance difficult. If you do not take the proper measures, your boat’s vinyl wraps can easily fade and lose their adhesion to the surface. But, as long as you know how to properly care for a wrapped boat, your investment will be protected, and your vessel will maintain its stunning look on the water.

Dos and Don'ts of

Boat Wrap Care

Here are some essential boat wrap care tips to ensure your investment lasts and continues protecting your vessel’s hull and looking great on the water:


Do not use or wash your boat immediately after wrapping

You should not immediately use or wash your boat if you just had it wrapped. You should wait at least a week before doing so. This gives it time to completely adhere to the hull’s surfaces before it is placed under stress.


Wash your vinyl boat wrap regularly

Your boat’s vinyl wrap should be washed as often as a painted or gel-coated hull requires, which is after every use and at least once every two to three weeks. This is the simplest yet most effective way to keep the boat wrap looking its best.


Do not use abrasives when washing

Using abrasive, hard, or stiff sponges and brushes for scrubbing your boat wrap will scratch the vinyl film or lift or tear its edges. And, their prolonged use can dull the appearance or cause discoloration of the vinyl and the color and graphics printed on it. Instead, use a soft cloth or sponge for scrubbing your boat wrap.


Rinse with room-temperature water before handwashing

Sand, rocks, salt, and other debris can tear or scratch your boat wrap when you handwash your boat. To prevent this, rinse your boat wrap first by spraying it with room-temperature or warm water through a wide-angle nozzle at regular pressure.


Do not pressure wash your boat wrap

Washing your boat wrap with high-pressure water can lift its edges. This is when the corners or edges of your wrap start to peel. When this happens, you will have to repair it, or else it can spread further and compromise how well the material sticks to your boat.


Wash your boat gently with mild soapy water solution

All you need to wash your vinyl boat wrap is a soft sponge or cloth and a mixture of water and gentle, marine-safe soap. You need to be gentle when scrubbing and rinsing off the soap. If there’s any stubborn dirt or stains, you can use a soft brush to scrub them off.


Dry your boat wrap after washing

After rinsing off the soap from your vinyl wrap, you need to dry it off to prevent water spots from forming. You can use a microfiber cloth or a silicone squeegee to gently wipe or pat the wrap dry.


Polish your wrap with a gentle and high-quality product

Polish the vinyl of your wrap for added UV protection. This is crucial since you will be using your boat for extended periods under the sun, which can harm the material over time. Make sure to use a gentle and high-quality product compatible with your vinyl wrap.


Do not expose your boat to sunlight for an extended amount of time

UV exposure can degrade your boat wrap over time, causing its colors to fade and lose their adhesive. To prevent this, make sure to not leave it out in the sun when not in use and park it under a shade in the dock or store it in the carport or a canopy tent.


Protect your boat and its vinyl wrap when hauling or transporting your vessel

When you transport or haul your boat, protect your boat and its vinyl wrap by adding a layer of protection between surfaces and debris that cause damage. These include boat pads that provide cushion between your boat and the trailer or straps, and a rock guard that protects your boat from debris on the road.


Store your boat under cover properly

A boat cover can protect your boat and ensure its vinyl wrap remains pristine while in storage. But make sure to cushion the edges of your boat with rags or old towels to prevent the metal or plastic clamps from scraping the vinyl.


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