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Box truck vinyl wraps are not just a way to give your trucks a more professional and attractive look. It is also a powerful marketing tool that can:

Spread Brand Awareness Wherever Your Box Truck Goes

Make Your Box Truck Stand Out on the Road

Take Advantage of a Cost-Effective Advertising Strategy

Generate Impressions with Only a One-Time Investment

Advertise Your Business While Your Truck Does Its Work

Boost Local Visibility for Your Brand

Attract Leads and Sales Without Any Effort

Don’t miss out on these marketing benefits for your business, and take advantage of an asset you already have – your box truck. With our help here at #201WRAP, we can turn your box truck into a mobile billboard for your business and reap the benefits mentioned above without adding more work to your team. Explore our range of wrap styles, including the finest fleet vinyl wrapping in St. Augustine. Discover the perfect solution for your brand and gain visibility wherever you go!

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Balanced and Impactful Visuals

If you want to draw attention to your box truck and convey your message effectively, you can't just throw graphics onto the design for the sake of adding graphics and colors to your box truck. Otherwise, you will end up with an incoherent mess that will attract people's attention for the wrong reasons. This is where our designers here at #201WRAP can help you. Our team of talented designers will create a pleasing and attention-grabbing design that aligns with your brand’s values and can generate awareness and attract inquiries from your target audience. With our expertise, you can expect a balanced design that will not cause an eyesore but instead create a positive image for your brand.

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High-Quality and Durable Vehicle Wraps

We use only the highest-quality materials and methods to ensure your box truck wraps and its design stand the test of time. With our wraps, you can expect vibrant graphics and durable wraps that will with proper care will last for years to come.

Client-Centric Service

You are the best person to tell us about your business and the ideal way to design your wraps. Our team of designers will work with you in creating the design of your box truck vinyl wrap. Tell us about your brand, your vision for your box truck’s design, and the marketing message on the wrap. With our collaboration, our team can ensure that your box truck vinyl wrap aligns perfectly with your brand and marketing strategy.

Post-Installation Support

Your box truck's vehicle wraps need proper care and cleaning to ensure the print and the wrap itself lasts. A once-per-week cleaning will do wonders to prolong the quality of your vinyl wraps. Although this may be easy enough for some, cleaning a box truck may be too difficult given its size and your team's already busy schedule. #201WRAP can take care of cleaning your commercial vehicle wraps and ensure it is done properly. Our team in St. Augustine can also take care of any touch-ups and spot replacements for damaged areas of your box truck vinyl wraps.

Transform Your Box Truck into a

Mobile Marketing Powerhouse

Join countless business owners who have discovered the incredible impact of #201WRAP’s box truck vinyl wraps. Our St. Augustine teams are waiting for you to contact them to get started. If you’re in the Jacksonville area, our expert team is also well-equipped to provide premiere box truck wrapping services. With #201WRAP, you can expect exceptional craftsmanship and a seamless process from design to installation. Enhance your brand’s visibility and leave a lasting impression on potential customers. Contact us today for your FREE ESTIMATE and take the first step toward transforming your box truck into a powerful marketing tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrapping your box truck is an excellent way to promote your business. With the right design, it turns your box truck into a mobile billboard that will attract your customers’ eyes and promote your brand wherever it goes. And, depending on the places your truck frequents, you can attract a diverse set of customers for your business.

High-quality vinyl wraps that are professionally applied can last anywhere from 3 to 7 years, depending on the weather conditions and their maintenance. Most owners will see a difference in quality around 4 to 5 years after its application, with its color, shine, and feel showing its age.

Vinyl wraps can protect your truck’s original paint from minor scratches and damage from UV exposure and some chemicals. It won’t leave any residue or cause any damage when removed as long as the wrap used is of good quality and properly installed.

Yes, you can. Vinyl wraps are not permanent and you can change or update a part or the whole of it to reflect new design preferences or new branding and promotions for your business. The wrap can be safely removed by our team of vinyl wrapping professionals at #201WRAP without leaving any residue or damage on the original paint of your vehicle.

On average, it takes 2 to 3 days to wrap a box truck, excluding the creation and printing of the design. This can vary depending on your truck’s size and the complexity of the wrap’s design.

Typical damage on your box truck’s vinyl wrap is easy to repair or replace. There’s no need to redo the entire wrap for small tears or scratches since these can be fixed with spot replacements or repairs. Prompt repairs can prevent damage from worsening and limit the repair or replacement required.

Absolutely! We can customize your wrap design to align with your existing brand elements. Our team can work from scratch by only using your current branding as a reference or using an existing digital file to create one suitable for large-format printing.

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