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As Jacksonville’s original and leading vehicle wrap artists, #201WRAP takes what we do to the next level. As genuine artists of our trade, our team designs, produces, and installs a wide range of vehicle wraps – from premium sports car wraps to oversized semi-truck wraps.

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Looking to add gloss, shine, and protection to your vehicle? Ceramic Coating may be just what you are looking for.

What is Ceramic Pro?

Ceramic Pro utilizes nano-technology to create a durable protective shield for your car, truck, or company vehicle. With 9H properties, it is one of the hardest and strongest coatings on the market. By bonding Ceramic Pro to the surface of your car, you are applying a protective shield that offers UV protection, chemical resistance, and anti-graffiti properties, to name a few.

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Give Your Boat aNew Look Without Spending a Fortune

#201WRAP knows the importance of car care and what it takes to keep your vehicle in the best shape possible. 
That is why we provide the finest quality ceramic coating Jacksonville Florida offers!

Combine Ceramic Pro
with a Vinyl Wrap

Did you know that adding Ceramic Pro protection to your new or existing vinyl wrap not only doubles the protection on your vehicle, it also helps to protect your vinyl wrap. Ceramic Pros 9H properties keep your vinyl wrap looking as if you just picked it up from getting installed while enhancing gloss and shine. It makes taking care of your vinyl wrap so much easier and adds a layer of armor against weather elements and road debris. Have questions or want to know more about pairing Ceramic Pro with your Jacksonville vinyl wrap? Speak with one of our vinyl wrap experts today about our different Ceramic Pro & Vinyl wrap bundles!

Combine Ceramic Pro
with a Vinyl Wrap

9H refers to the level of hardness of the coating on the mineral scale. 9H being the highest level means the properties used to create Ceramic Pro are the strongest most durable out there!
We offer a few different packages when it comes to Ceramic Pro. The package depends on the warranty you are looking for, which can range from a of couple years to a lifetime. Packages are also structured around the durability and level of protection you are looking to have applied. Combining Ceramic Pro with a paint protection film offers maximum protection, gloss and shine to your vehicle. Talk to one of our experts today about a custom Ceramic Pro & PPF package!
The type of prep needed depends on the vehicle. If there are a lot of scratches or other imperfections we may suggest paint correction before the Ceramic Pro or PPF application process.

The first thing we ask is that you schedule an estimate with one of our certified Ceramic Pro specialists. Pricing depends on the vehicle model, paint color, and condition of the vehicle. Be sure to check our paint protection film to determine which service is right for you! Give us a call today!