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Transform your vehicle with box truck wraps jacksonville. Enhance brand visibility and make a bold statement on the road with our expert wrapping services.

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Jacksonville's Premier Vehicle Wraps That Make Your Business Shine

Attention Jacksonville business owners: Feeling invisible in the crowded marketplace? Tired of overspending on ads that get lost in the noise? You’re not alone. Many businesses struggle to stand out and reach their local audience without breaking the bank. But what if there was a solution right under your nose, or rather, right in your parking lot?

At #201WRAP, we have discovered a game-changer for companies like yours. Our top-tier designers craft wraps that aren’t just advertisements; they’re moving works of art that capture attention and admiration wherever they roll. And with our expert wrappers, your vehicle isn’t just flaunting your brand; it’s protected from wear and tear. Drive your brand forward, literally, and watch your visibility and credibility soar, all while saving on advertising costs.

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Transform Your Truck Into a Mobile Billboard

What if your truck could promote your business and generate inquiries about your products or services wherever it goes? These are the things that truck wraps can do for your business in Jacksonville.
Box wrapping can transform your truck into billboards that can:
And, unlike stationary billboards that you will have to rent, you only need to pay for the box wrap that will be installed and the services involved in the installation.

Benefits of Box Wrapping Your Truck

Maximum Exposure at Minimal Cost
Maximum Exposure at Minimal Cost
Traditional methods for marketing your business can easily get expensive. Adding a low-cost method that offers significant potential returns can help in increasing your sales while keeping your costs low. One such method is by using your vehicles as your mobile billboards. With your box trucks wrapped, they can promote your business while your vehicles are driving around town making deliveries or visiting your clients.
Brand Recognition on the Go
Brand Recognition on the Go
Brand recognition is crucial if you want your business at the top of your potential customer’s minds. This is where the constant presence of your trucks in Jacksonville and nearby areas while wrapped in your business’ graphics will shine. People will frequently see your brand and business information while they are driving or going about their day. And, when the time comes that they need your product, they are more likely to remember your business as the solution.
Ambulance style van with local business graphics.
Designed Specifically for Your Business
Designed Specifically for Your Business
Vehicle wraps can be printed with custom graphics before being installed on your trucks. Along with your branding elements and contact details, you can showcase the unique selling proposition, products or services, and promotions of your business by printing it on the box wraps for your trucks. If what you offer allows for it, you can even have photos of the results that your product or service can do. With truck wraps, you have endless possibilities for turning your box trucks into mobile billboards for your business in Jacksonville.
A Non-disruptive Method for Marketing Your Business
A Non-disruptive Method for Marketing Your Business
Most forms of advertising disrupt an audience’s experience. Although these types of promotions can bring attention to a message, an audience is more likely to absorb and understand a non-disruptive message. You can achieve this non-disruptive method of advertising through a vehicle wrapped with the logo, name, colors, and promotional message of your business.
Blue and yellow food truck with local business graphics.
BBQ food truck wrapped with business graphics
A Great Way to Advertise to the Local Market
A Great Way to Advertise to the Local Market
You will likely find more customers near and around the area you are serving. With your box trucks wrapped, you can spread the word around Jacksonville about your business as your vehicles go about the area, visiting your clients, and delivering orders. And, if you are the only business with their trucks wrapped, you are more likely to stand out and gain the attention of your potential customers.
Protects Your Truck’s Paint Job
Protects Your Truck’s Paint Job
Car wraps protect the paint job of your trucks. It provides a layer that prevents road debris from scratching and creating minor dents on your vehicles. This helps preserve the value of your vehicle, while also providing you with a return on your investment.
A box truck with local business graphics.

Turn Every Mile into an Advertisement

Are you looking to transform your ordinary box trucks into moving billboards that will not only promote your business in Jacksonville but also impress your potential customers? You do not need to look for any other vehicle wrapping service than #201WRAP.

Since 2008, we have been helping clients promote their businesses through our vehicle wrapping, ceramic coating, and paint protection services. Through our expertise and affordable services, countless businesses in Jacksonville have gained more customers and established their brands in the areas they serve.

Why Choose #201WRAP

More than a decade of experience

We have been in the business of wrapping personal and business vehicles for more than a decade. Through the years, we have accumulated the skills and experience necessary to provide high-quality wraps for our clients. When you choose #201WRAP, you can expect flawless car wrapping, ceramic coating, or paint protection service from our Jacksonville and St. Augustine teams.

Certified vehicle wrap experts

Installing the best wraps for our clients is only one part of our excellent services. Car wrap installers must also know the best process for installing each product. This is why our team here at #201WRAP undergoes the necessary training to become certified installers of every product we offer.

All-in-one vehicle wrapping service

#201WRAP offers everything you need from start to finish for your box truck wrapping in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area. We can design the graphics and print these onto the wraps before installing the vinyl wraps on your trucks. With us, you only need to tell us what you want installed for your vehicle, and we can take care of everything for you.

Ready to Drive Toward Your Business's Success?

Your trucks have enormous potential for marketing your business. Do not let them go unnoticed when making deliveries or making client visits. Put them to work by taking advantage of our truck wraps in Jacksonville! For businesses in the St. Augustine area, explore our premiere Box Truck Wrapping in St. Augustine

Transform your truck into a powerful marketing tool at an affordable price with #201WRAP! Schedule your free consultation or call us at (904) 664- 9342. Let us be your partner in driving business success through affordable and impactful box wrapping.